The future of education is in the digital arena.
Clickary helps you to translate traditional learning models into modern,
interactive educational experiences quickly and easily.


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Our specific marketing and sales strategies help both existing online training organisations and nubies to expand exponentially.

Clickary is an innovative Irish company with a proven history in providing ground breaking, highly successful e-Learning solutions. We support institutions, orgnisations and companies to host, manage and grow online educational businesses.

Custom design a slick new site using Clickary’s cleverly designed themes and easy to follow guidelines. Upload your learning material with just a few clicks using carefully structured and clearly explained tools. Use our engine room data to know your audience intimately, track patterns and inform your growth strategies.

Our sales and marketing experts can examine your business model and direct you towards specifically tailored strategies to help you broaden your reach, attract loyal users and grow your user base in multiples.

Our support teams are helpful, sharp and efficient. We respond to your questions on design, technical problems or sales &marketing challenges quickly and effectively. Trouble shooting enlivens us. We love to help Clickary users to understand and use functionality of your new platform to its maximum for your business.

  • Futuristic digital platforms and infrastructure, tried and tested by over 167,000 students in 131 international markets.
  • Slick, modern, attractive design including easy to use content publishing tools.
  • Student-friendly, cutting edge, interactive technology to support learning.
  • Close scrutiny of consumer behaviour using clever data & analytics. Sales and marketing strategies that accelerate growth.
  • Complete eLearning package ready to be simply customised to your institution with IT expertise &support available 24/7.