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Holly and Hugo case study

Holly and Hugo began with a simple vision: to expand the availability of clear and helpful do-it-yourself
instruction for owners who wished to learn how to groom their dogs at home.

Holly and Hugo began with a simple vision: to expand the availability of clear and helpful do-it-yourself instruction for owners who wished to learn how to groom their dogs at home.

Maria Tomas, CEO:

As our core idea – an instructional course on dog grooming -had universal appeal we immediately saw that our business model needed to be constructed on a digital scaffolding to allow unrestricted access internationally.

Interest in our first product took off faster than we were expecting and we quickly outgrew the limited scope of our initial platform. We loved the flexibility that an online learning environment offered our users. We knew it was time to switch to a platform that had the capacity and features that allowed us to, not only expand our range of products and access to them, but to engineer our business in the right directions.

Clickary Solutions examined Holly and Hugo. Our design and development team customised a new website to allow room for expanding the H&H repertoire of courses and add functions that supported a wider range of business services. We saw that using cleverly compiled analytics would give Maria the insight into his customer base and potential audience that would allow H&H to capitalise on their existing market and expand into new arenas. Our sales and marketing team created customised marketing tools which included augmented product, the testing of new ideas and sales strategies to capture a wider user base.

  • Responsive theme design to support access on mobile and tablet devices as well as PCs & laptops.
  • Easily customisable blog to increase familiarity and customer engagement.
  • Modern, attractive site design and enhancement of landing pages with dynamic content delivery.
  • Scalability - ease of adding additional courses and growing student database.
  • Augmented products – addition of course completion certificates and correspondence management, automated pop-up sales packages, course progress and grading tracker, access to downloadable ebooks and product carts and payment gateway.
  • Webinars - face-to-face tutoring to widen the company’s reach to include students who learn best via auditory and visual mediums.
  • Enhanced user experience - tracking of progress and marks, support, Q&A and dedicated Help Centre.
  • Analytics backed R&D strategy.
  • Tailored sales and marketing strategy.

“Once we increased the features available to us, new channels opened up and our growth happened in ways we didn’t even foresee. Our business is now unrecognisable compared to a few years ago.”

Measured results

  • User base increased from 3,000 to over 22,000 students.
  • Development of successful new products directly attributable to audience tracking.
  • User satisfaction and engagement significantly up.
  • User experience greatly enhanced.
  • Identified 3 new streams of previously unexplored business.
  • Augmented product line continually expanding.
  • Ability to analyse current demand to direct future revenue.

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