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IOA case study

The International Open Academy hosts a large range of instructional courses
in many subject areas.

The International Open Academy hosts a large range of instructional courses in many subject areas. Many use multimedia to enhance a modern learning medium. When redesigning their website we sat down with their team of directors and outlined the main objectives:

  • To provide up-to-the-minute technology to support the multi-level functionality needed by a digital campus.
  • Adaptable platform that provides a dashboard of real time data and analytics, allowing full control to assess consumer behaviour on demand and adjust products to optimise business.
  • Automated assessment
  • Easy and effective content delivery that encouraged engagement.
  • Capacity to host a large and expanding portfolio of educational material & courses.
  • Tools to facilitate online community building and engagement.

As IOA were restructuring their business model it was the perfect time to rethink their digital structure. During planning, our business consultancy suggested a redirection of strategy: that individual brand sites could be merged into one central hub.

This approach has proven highly successful. Website design and usability had to be top notch – fast, efficient and beautiful. Facilities were streamlined to accommodate different sectors and new functions added which made managing a larger repertoire easy.

Though things got much busier behind the scenes, Clickary’s analytics and automated reports allow IOA to keep a watchful eye on traffic, user engagement and reaction to new ideas. They can stay ahead of demand, predict in what direction their audience is likely to go and plan effective campaigns and strategies to optimise take up.

We also put a big emphasis on supporting social media engagement to strengthen the sense of community. It’s now a bustling campus with an exciting outlook.

Trendimi case study

Trendimi began with three instructional courses in the fashion and beauty sector. They have been using Clickary since the beginning and have thrived beyond expectations in just 5 years. Xisca Tomas, CEO, puts this rapid growth down to the scalability of this platform, close analysis of their market and clever sales and marketing strategies.

Trendimi’s suite of courses has grown from 3 to 36. Along with topics in….

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Eventtrix case study

“When we started Eventtrix we planned our courses with classroom teaching in mind. As we developed our business plan we could see the limitations of this teaching model. We decided to include an online learning facility as an additional stream to our business.

As we got up and running, the obvious demand for more flexible online learning led us to focus exclusively on this method of education...”

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Holly and Hugo case study

Holly and Hugo began with a simple vision: to expand the availability of clear and helpful do-it-yourself instruction for owners who wished to learn how to groom their dogs at home.

Darren Taylor, CEO:“As our core idea – an instructional course on dog grooming -had universal appeal we immediately saw that our business model needed to be constructed on a digital scaffolding to allow unrestricted ...

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